This company took over Verizon in New Hampshire. Very shortly afterwards I switched to Vonage as I was paying almost $50.00 per month and rarely using my phone at all.

I was over-billed for a months usage and promised that I would be refunded when the billing cycle ended. Of course, since they had a billing format change in the mean-time I am now out the $40+ dollars I was promised was to be refunded. I have made several calls to the company and at first they agreed that I was over-charged and I would be refunded within 6 to 8 weeks. Now it has been several months and I called again.

The answer now is that they do not owe me any money at all and their balance is showing as ZERO. I recommend you stay away from this company.

They not only have very poor service and customer service, they also are unable to keep track of billing and amounts owed or credits owed.

There are many other choices out there, don't make the same mistake and go with this company as you will lose in the long run.

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