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Update by user Dec 04, 2014

This is still not resolved. They wait till it is good weather, they call and say that it looks like everything has been resolved since we can get your voicemail, Thank You and Have a Nice Day.

If Fairpoint were to actually read my complaint, they would know that I have no service whenever it rains!

In nice weather, I have service again. They are soooooo totally clueless.

Original review posted by user Oct 29, 2014

Since September 10th, whenever it rains my service either cuts out completely, or is filled with static. I've been calling on my cell by the side of the road app. 1 1/2 miles away to have someone come out. The reps say they can't call the technicians, and cannot expedite my request.

The voice message says that I can register a complaint online, but there is no link.

The problem is that the wires at the box are old and the coverings to the wires are brittle and cracked. So, when they dry out I again have service. Four times, a rep has called saying that I now have service, so there isn't any need for anyone to come out. When I tell them the problem, they say that they will "make a note", and as soon as it rains again, they will dispatch a technician. Really!!!!!!

Today is October 29th, and it's drizzling. Static.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Technician needs to come to the house and fix the problem..

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Oh my goodness! I could have written your post! I have been trying to get someone to fix the exact same issue since October 14th!!

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