Sweden, Maine

I scheduled a new service install and Fairpoint never showed up the day I was scheduled for and I had a confirmation # and everything. I had been waiting over a week and really wanted service sooner than originally scheduled.

I got no call or anything on the day they were suppose to arrive so I called them and they said they forgot to hit the submit button on their computer. So I have to wait another week and there is nothing they could do about it.

I told them I had no cell service or anything and was concerned if an emergency were to happen I would not be able to contact anyone.

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same here. they never shown up. they left a message they would be her today without even asking if that would work for me


This has happened to us a couple times. We did get an automated message saying their tech fixed our problem when he came to our house......

And there was no way they showed, i made sure to sit and wait.....all day.

The problem was fixed, but not from any tech coming to my house. This was after i complained that it seemed like we were being throttled when watching netflix.

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